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EBT: What Is It About ?

Anker 3


The 3rd Etzdorfer Beer Tasting Festival (EBT 2020) is an initiative of the Rittergut Etzdorf and The management of both parties agreed to join forces to make this event a success again. EBT 2018 and 2019 were cracking events, to be repeated September 12th and 13th 2020 !!

2020 Abgesagt


The EBT will bring together national and international top-brewers.

The breweries will serve their beers in special festival glasses. Visitors have the opportunity to discover known and unknown breweries from Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg and Austria.


The aim of this event is to offer networking opportunities to all professionals in the food and beverage business and to convince the local German consumer of the different beers presented.

Of course everybody is welcome: next to the beertasting, the event offers as well a nice program for the other familymembers such as  e.g. a lemonade tasting. All the visitors  have the opportunity to enjoy the special ambiance at Rittergut Etzdorf.


Part of the revenue goes to charity. This year, the organizing committee has chosen to support the Verein #Herzensangelegenheit. The chosen project involves the sponsoring of their family event the week after the EBT.


You want to be part of the EBT 2020? Do you want to introduce your products to professionals and consumers? Would you like to receive the registration documents?


Please: Sign up here !

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